The Breone Morning Show Official Episodic Docket

 EDP445 Calls Out Chris Tyson/IDubbbz Content Cop Video & More FT. Asperegoose #TheBreoneMorningShow (5/20/23 at 10/4cest):

Official Docket

  1. EDP445 Calls Out Chris (Tyson) from MrBeast For “Being into child porn” (Breone)


  • EDP445 was a YouTuber who had more than a million subscribers. He was known for the content that he made about his favorite NFL football team the Eagles.

  • In 2021, EDP445 was exposed for having a sexual conversation with a minor.

  • On top of him having a sexual conversation with a 13-year-old, he had sent pictures of himself and his shit to the said 13-year-old who ended up being a decoy that was part of a sting operation.

  • Like any other sting operation EDP445 and the decoy who was posing as a 13-year-old child decided to meet up IRL.

  • EDP445 was exposed after he decided to meet up with a 13-year-old where he had claimed that he was meeting with the 13-year-old to get a cupcake.

  • This was all caught on video.

*Watch the video on*

  1. IDubbbz Makes another video apologizing for and talking about his past self

Creators claiming idubbbz made a content cop on himself (Breone)


  • Idubbbz is known for his video series “content cop” he made back in the day where he harshly criticized other creators on YouTube.

  • Recently he has gotten into controversy due to the fact that he has “changed” and does not like the old content he used to make.

  • Many people don’t like this because they used to enjoy the “old” idubbbz from back in the day.

  • Idubbbz has recently unlisted all of the content cop videos.

Video title: “I miss the old Idubbbz


  1. Montana bans TikTok (Asperegoose)


  • The US state of Montana has banned TikTok from personal devices, with the ban to take effect on 1st January.

  • Republican governor Greg Gianforte stated that a broader ban would further “our shared priority to protect Montanans from Chinese Communist Party surveillance.”

  • The bill to enforce the ban was passed last month in the state’s legislature by a vote of 54 to 43.

Article about people suing Montana for the TikTok ban:


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