Forever Skies DEMO Review



Forever Skies is a first-person survival game taking place on earth after an ecological disaster that I would argue is actually the end of the world. You'll be faced with the usual survival game dangers such as food, water, and energy. I would compare this game to both Subnautica and Raft. 


To start the game you'll be locked in a drop pod in an emergency lockdown sequence. You'll need to go and interact with the door to start exploring the world. Once the door is open you'll be looking out at sink hole central. Very few buildings are visual amongst the endless void below you. You'll need to explore the destroyed building you're on until you find an airship. After you do you'll get the objective to build the engine. You'll need to look for data pads to unlock blueprints. The first one you find should be for the engine. Once you build it you'll need to fill it with synthetic fuel. One time crafting it will give you the 10/20 you need to fill it up completely. Once you fill it up and get moving the timer starts. You'll need to survive for about an hour before your demo time is up. I personally managed to get a virus and die to it in less then 10 minutes of starting the game. Don't eat the melons in quick succession and stare at the sun... It's not a fun experience


After my demo time was up I was left wanting more which is always a great sign for a new game. I don't usually play many survival games, and if I do I usually get board in about 30 minutes. I didn't want to stop playing this game but I was forced to. Now if you absolutely don't like Survival games this demo may not be for you. There's a little bit of story present but it is a survival game first and foremost. The story takes a step back and you're just thrown in to explore and survive. The demo is kind of lackluster for hyping the game up. It literally just throws you in there with no explanation of what's happening. I would say the gameplay is great but for a demo that's supposed to hype you up for the release it fell flat.

Rating: 7/10

- Fantom (Expect some more demo reviews in the near future)



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