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Roblox YouTuber Parlo’s Feud With Discord Moderation Continues

January 23rd : Roblox YouTuber Parlo recently got banned from his main account on Discord for breaking discord’s Community Guidelines for allegedly ‘Sexualizing minors under the age of 18’. This happened on Jan 23, 2022 . I also covered what had happened on January 23rd on my channel on a video called “Parlo Just Got Banned…” YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO HAVE SOME OF THE MOST TRASH MODERATION OF ANY PLATFORM @discord THIS IS FALSE AND GARBAGE. YOU TERMINATED ME FOR A FALSE REASON. 0 PROOF. 0 WARNING. WHAT THE HELL. THIS IS THE 7TH TIME YOU HAVE TERMINATED ME FOR NO REASON. THIS IS STUPID. — Parlo (@GamingParlo) January 23, 2022   January 24th : As of Today Parlo has announced in his official Discord server (on his new Discord account that he created to evade the ban) that the official Discord “system” bot had sent him a personal dm on his discord account that stated the following in the image below. Parlo announced this to his Discord server and he believes

3 Reasons Why You NEED To Post YouTube Shorts Videos As A Small Creator

YouTube Shorts has always been a good way to get discoverability these days especially if you are a smaller creator on YouTube. By being a part of the YouTube Shorts side of YouTube you have a big possibility of becoming eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund which you don’t need to be in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) to get access to this fund to make money from your short videos. This article lists 3 reasons why you should be making YouTube Shorts videos. 3 reasons why you should be making YouTube Shorts videos: Reason #1: The Shorts Algorithm The YouTube Shorts Algorithm is quite similar to the famous TikTok Algorithm where the algorithm will promote videos by putting them into feeds with a “throw it at the wall and hope it sticks” mentality. Doing so allows small and upcoming creators with the potential to make great content the opportunity to gain discoverability and then go on to gain an audience who likes the content that they put out. The hardest thing on YouTube at the end o