3 Reasons Why You NEED To Post YouTube Shorts Videos As A Small Creator

YouTube Shorts has always been a good way to get discoverability these days especially if you are a smaller creator on YouTube. By being a part of the YouTube Shorts side of YouTube you have a big possibility of becoming eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund which you don’t need to be in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) to get access to this fund to make money from your short videos. This article lists 3 reasons why you should be making YouTube Shorts videos.

3 reasons why you should be making YouTube Shorts videos:

Reason #1: The Shorts Algorithm

The YouTube Shorts Algorithm is quite similar to the famous TikTok Algorithm where the algorithm will promote videos by putting them into feeds with a “throw it at the wall and hope it sticks” mentality. Doing so allows small and upcoming creators with the potential to make great content the opportunity to gain discoverability and then go on to gain an audience who likes the content that they put out. The hardest thing on YouTube at the end of the day is trying to gain discoverability, even for someone like me it isn’t the easiest thing to do and I am now seeing the benefits of using the shorts algorithm to promote my brand and talent on YouTube.

Reason #2: YouTube Shorts Fund

YouTube announced back in May of 2021 that it would be contributing 100 million dollars to a fund for YouTube Shorts Creators on the platform as a way to monetize short videos on YouTube since you really can't put ads on short videos without making the feature unenjoyable for users. YouTube allows creators on the platform who post shorts videos to make more than $10,000 a month if your videos gain traction and make a lot of views via the YouTube Shorts Fund Bonus system. Each month you will be able to receive a bonus for posting shorts videos depending on how many views you make in that month. Also, the best part about the program is that you don't have to be a part of YouTube's Partner Program nor be monetized to receive these bonuses.

Reason #3: Easy to make

YouTube Shorts are relatively easy to create, this being because they are only 15-60 seconds long over a video that is 5 to 10 mins long and they are in portrait mode so that they can show easily on a phone screen. You are also able to make shorts on your phone making it really easy to edit and post a short to the platform.

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