Roblox Arsenal Halloween Update

Popular Roblox game developer ROLVe has put up a teaser for the 2021 Roblox Arsenal Halloween update. The teaser video teases what looks like to be a new map where players will probably be fighting each other in a new “Flying Dutchman” ship map which actually looks really cool. The update arrives on October 26th, 2021.

There have been a few new confirmed items that will be added to Arsenal in this update. All confirmed items are listed here:

  • 2 new weapons.
  • 1 new map made by Civicus.
  • 31 new skins:
    • Bacon
    • Barbarian
    • Blake
    • Diver
    • Guest
    • Goog
    • Heathen
    • Hunting Hood
    • Incandesa
    • Invisible Man
    • Jinn
    • Noodle
    • Pumpi
    • Pumpo
    • Sayo
    • Rafael
    • Toy Army
    • Wraps
  • Hackula game mode return.
  • New Feature: Server Browser.
  • Contract shop return.
  • Shinobi and Ninja redesigns.
  • Bandanas of Anarchist and Rioter skins will be changed to a community-made design instead of a skeleton design.



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