YouTube’s New Experimental ‘pinch to zoom’ Feature Is Kind Of Lame… (The Breone Opinion)

Being a YouTube Premium subscriber you get a lot of perks over on YouTube and me being me I only watch YouTube over cable tv or Netflix. But Those pesky ads on YouTube got to me a few months ago and I decided to cave into getting myself a YouTube Premium membership when YouTube offered me a 3 months free trial.

If you are a YouTube Premium member you would know that YouTube offers you the three main perks that they advertise for $15.99 per month. These perks consist of Ad-free videos & background play, the ability to download videos to watch when you don’t have an internet connection, and YouTube music premium.

Something that YouTube does not state on their subscription page is that they offer experimental beta features to Premium users, which these features are exclusive to YouTube. 

YouTube released a new experimental feature to YouTube this week and I wanted to give my opinion on this experimental feature. I have been a YouTube Premium subscriber for around 4 months and some of the experimental features are nice, the feature they had where you could auto play videos without clicking into them on the mobile app and desktop. But other features are kind of bland and could use some more work in my opinion.

This is where my criticism about this new ‘pinch to zoom’ experimental feature may be a little harsh. In my personal opinion this should have been a feature for all users of the platform a long time ago. Let alone that you could and still can pinch to zoom in and out on the YouTube mobile app. Sure you can’t zoom in and out as far as you can in this new feature but this should have in my opinion been a feature a long time ago.

Now I’m not complaining about their features being bland because YouTube premium is definitely worth it in the end but the new experimental features are kind of lame…


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