Roblox YouTuber Parlo’s Feud With Discord Moderation Continues

January 23rd: Roblox YouTuber Parlo recently got banned from his main account on Discord for breaking discord’s Community Guidelines for allegedly ‘Sexualizing minors under the age of 18’. This happened on Jan 23, 2022. I also covered what had happened on January 23rd on my channel on a video called “Parlo Just Got Banned…”

 January 24th: As of Today Parlo has announced in his official Discord server (on his new Discord account that he created to evade the ban) that the official Discord “system” bot had sent him a personal dm on his discord account that stated the following in the image below.

Parlo announced this to his Discord server and he believes why he kept getting banned on multiple Discord accounts he has had in the past.

As you can see in the second image out of the two above that Parlo seems to believe that his Discord server was the reason why he had been banned on his other main account on the 23rd. 

One of Parlo’s Discord Community Managers seemed to have different thoughts on why Parlo had been banned on his main account why he was being warned on his new account over breaking community guidelines for the same reason of ‘Sexualizing minors under the age of 18’. He had this to say in the image below.

I personally had never seen Parlo post any of this content in his server or in the Official RYC Discord server but if he had been posting this content on discord that would make sense of why he was banned and why he had been warned on his new Discord account.

Leave your thoughts below.



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