Serena Review [Spoilers]


    Serena is a free to play point and click indie horror game only available on steam. It released January 30th in 2014 so I'm a good bit late on this one but lets get into it. You take control of a man sitting in his getaway cabin trying to remember his wife's face after her disappearance. You'll start sitting at a table with a picture in front of you, you'll need to interreact it to start the game. Your 1st objective is to go around the whole cabin interacting with everything to try and remember her face. Once you do you're character will start to sound angry when interacting with everything around. Once you open the chest that was locked the 1st go around you'll find a jewelry box. Once you pick it up it'll appear on the table. You need to interact with it to move on to stage 3 of the game. Inside you'll find a wedding ring and what my brain saw as bottle caps but I'm dumb and stupid and it is almost 100% something else. Once you go through all the dialogue get up and head to the armoire which was locked the 2 previous stages. Once you open it up you'll need to interact with the clothes to move them so you can see Serena's rotting corpse causing your character to panic. Now every interaction will either consist of your character trying to figure out what happened or for a lack of better words find a way to kill himself. You're character will notice shadows outside the window. Once you interact with said window you'll hear 2 people talking to each other. After they are done talking they move away from the window and set the cabin on fire sending you to the credits. 

    I played this game live on stream and have say I was seriously impressed! There was never a jump scare but there was never a need for one. The atmosphere did wonders for this game. I don't typically play point and click games but this one makes a strong case for point and click horror games. Now this isn't my favorite horror game but it makes a very strong case on why it should be. All in all I'd rate this game a very solid 8/10

- Fantom



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