My Website Just Got Monetized!

Hello everyone! It's Breone and I am thrilled to announce that my site just finally got approved for Ads. After a few days of getting my videos demonetized over on YouTube, I was thrilled to see that Google approved my website for ads. This site has been very inactive throughout its lifespan and now that it just got monetized, I want to start posting content here. I currently pay around $12 yearly to host this site and now that we have ads it gives me an opportunity to be able to make back the money I have spent paying for the domain to this website. I do plan to make more than $12 dollars from ads on this site though. Now that the site is monetized it gives me more motivation to post articles here for you guys covering the internet drama I talk about on my YouTube channels weekly. With your guys' help, I hope that I can keep posting articles on this website because I enjoy writing articles (if you didn't know) and I am very excited for what is to come from this website. Thank you for taking the time to read this quick article, feel free to check out a different article if you have some free time!



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