The Great Breone Burn Out


So over the past month and year I (Breone) have been posting almost daily YouTube videos while having little to no success, on top of having other things I have to do in life like my job and school. I have been for the past year losing viewers and my audience and I decided to continue my topic commentary YouTube journey until as of recently when I got bored of it and wanted to go to Roblox content because it looked fun to make and it definitely is fun but by moving over to Roblox content I lost most of my audience and it kind of sucks. I only really get burnt out when I make content consistently and see no gains off of it like for example if videos don’t grow as much as previous videos like they do right now then I’ll be sad about it and not feel good about it and it leads to burn out. I’ve always wanted to be successful with my YouTube channel but as of today I’m not too sure if that could ever even be a possibility because of how growth is going right now. By no means is this saying “I will be quitting YouTube” or something but it just gets depressing when you see other channels doing the same exact thing as you blowing up some how and going somewhere when you’re still stuck at rock bottom. I really do appreciate the audience I have right now but It just seems like more of them are leaving as time moves forwards, I’ve had this bad feeling of feeling really burnt out recently and I wanted to come back to my website and try to consistently post articles on here for you guys. I’ll probably talk about various topics including Roblox but not mainly Roblox, my YouTube channel is the only thing that will be full Roblox content. Hopefully you guys read this to the end and understand maybe a little bit of where I’m coming from with this and I hope everyone has a good day.

- Breone



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