Roblox YouTuber MyUsernamesThis Is Avoiding The Internet


 MyUsernamesThis is a Roblox YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers who makes mainly Roblox Jailbreak videos on his channel. As of recently (this month) Username was called out on Twitter for not paying the people who made his ‘BETTER TOGETHER’ music video on YouTube. This all started happening after JavaCreates the creator who animated the video called out Username for essentially not paying any money to Java for his contribution to the project.

 This tweet had sparked controversy against Username and Username decided to finally after 14 months pay Java Creates the agreed 25% which was around $2,900.

We thought that this controversy was over at that point and then on Twitter a producer named BSlick had called out MyUsernamesThis. MyUsernamesThis hasn’t replied to or payed BSlick yet.

 I’m not really sure if MyUsernamesThis is going to pay the money he owes but it looks as if he has taken a break from YouTube and even maybe roblox.

Roblox RTC on Twitter claims that he had announced in his Discord server that he wanted to leave the roblox community and quit roblox videos because of backlash he had received from him not paying the people who made his YouTube video.

In my opinion I believe that he needs to pay back the money and he needs to stop avoiding it because he most likely has a lot of money anyways due to his channel and how many views he gets. He’d be way better off then trying to leave the internet and the roblox community.

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