Priesty Just Got Terminated From YouTube

  The well-known YouTube looper Priesty was terminated as of 10/14/21 for multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations. Priesty actually has more than one channel, he has his Doal channel that was recently renamed to Bulba and he now reuploads other people's TikTok videos for his channel (something I believe is scummy in a way) over doing his usual looped live streams where he scams a wide range of children who either want free Robux or think that there is a Fortnite event going on at the moment. In some cases (especially with his "free Robux" live streams) Priesty/Doal will add a link as a part of the pinned comment and promote it by telling kids who are in the stream to go to the link as he claims that you can get a lot of Robux for free if you go to the site, basically, when visiting the site it will load up this fake "free Robux" generator and then tell yo

The Breone Show Podcast S1 Ep.2 : The United States Economy is Taking Turn For The Worst, Absorber Update, Twitter's Horrible Toxicity - 10/15/21

In the second episode of The Breone Show, we talk about various topics regarding internet dramas or IRL politics and things that are going on around the world and in the united states especially that inflation rates are going up really fast in the US due to fewer people working in the US compared to normal. This episode features KC, Zero, and Chonkulous. Also another update on Absorber. Absorber has removed his videos about his fake hate and we discuss more details in the episode. KC also discusses how horrible toxicity on Twitter is compared to talking to these people in public in real life.